Thursday, May 26, 2016

3 weeks old today!

Gaylan's Number Litter Boys
It is really hard to believe that the Number Litter is 3 weeks old today.  Not only are their eyes open, but now their ears are open, too.  We are supplementing them once a day, since it is hard for Paige to keep up with their demands, which are going to hit an all-time high this week.   She continues to be a wonderful mother, although is questioning the need to spend so much time in the box when the other dogs are out chasing bunnies and swimming.

Two of the pups are over 3 pounds, and the others are not far behind.  Today we did a vacuuming around the box and they were completely unfazed by it.  They days of being able to enter a room unnoticed are long gone!

They have also found their voices!   We have added a potty box to their digs and we have almost 100% with poop,,,pee, not so much.   I started earlier than usual because the box was getting quite wet, with Paige's inability to keep up with them.
Gaylan's Number Litter Girls    
Our friend Joanna stopped by and took in some puppy breath!   With 13 pups, we are grateful for anyone who wants to come and help us handle them.  We are done with ESI, but still handle them every day, between weighing, bottle feeding, and running a comb through their coats.

Paige is sitting up a bit when feeding the pups.  Amazing how dams know the pups need to use their bodies, and they teach them simply by sitting rather than lying down.

More photos and video are up on the photo site.  As far as the puppy cam, I hope you are enjoying it!

More soon...