Thursday, July 23, 2015

Woods Walks!

If you've been following how we raise our puppies, either through this blog or Avidog, you know that woods walks are an integral part of their development.  We are blessed to have woods where we can safely walk our litters.  Had that not been the case they might have been called beach walks or field walks.   Regardless of where we walk them, the goal is always the same, to give our puppies the chance to solve problems, develop their proprioception, explore the world, be around adult dogs, practice recalls, and learn to follow.   This week the Light Litter had some wonderful adventures, swimming, climbing, walking through jungle-like cover (for a puppy), mud wrestling and racing to us on their recalls.   Here's a quick video of a few minutes of today's walk with the Light Litter.


Tomorrow we head to Otterkill Animal Hospital for their general physical, microchips and first vaccine.   I will report back on that tomorrow.

There are more photos and videos up in Smugmug.  Enjoy!

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