Thursday, August 6, 2015

Off They Go!

We have had a wonderful 8 weeks with the Light litter but it's time for them to head to their new homes.  Four left yesterday and Miss Red heads out tomorrow.

Sending our pups home is a production.  First, everyone gets a bath, trim and blow dry.  Then we gather lots of goodies--collars, leashes, food and supplements, toys, chews and treats.  We put together our "Puppy Book," which is now 122 pages long.  Finally, we give lots of kisses and hugs to our babies since we may not see them again for many months.

When our new owners arrive, we go through the paperwork, registering the puppy and it's microchip. We've already gone over feeding and care instructions in the webinar we held a few weeks ago but we discuss any updates.  We go for a woods walk with the new owners and their pup, showing them how to hide from their pup should he get distracted.  After that, we show them the training we've done so they know how their puppy is doing on crate training, etc.  We snap some photos and send them on their way.

From what we have heard, the trips home, whether driving or flying, and the first night in their new homes went smoothly.  Yahoo!  All of the work is worth it when everything goes well.

Here are our newest Gaylan's family members:

Linda and Switch
Mike and Switch
Mr Brown headed to Ohio with Mike and Linda MacDonald.  He will be Gaylan's Lights On At Hy-Bar.

Lee, Dave and Ti
Miss Yellow is now Tioga or Ti for short.  She has joined Lee Clark, Dave Carpenter, Brew from our Magic litter and buddy Tripper.

Betsy and Casino
Mr Green is now Casino or Cas for short.  He stayed pretty close to home, moving to NJ with Betsy Scapicchio.
Kathy and Kindle
Mr Blue is now our second pup named Kindle. He flew out to Ohio with Kathy Sutliff and will be known as Gaylan's Light My Fire.

Miss Red or Aurora is still with us and will head to her home tomorrow!  Till then she's been supervising errands and chores.

Peach has headed back to her owners.  Our thanks to Al and Irene Lamphere for again loaning us this fabulous dog!  On top of her other talents, she is a great mother.

We are now looking forward to a few weeks' vacation before Glee's litter arrives.  Stay tuned!

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