Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Holiday Weekend!

Happy 4th of July!
This weekend was the pups' first 4th of July, obviously.   Since they are not eating solid food yet the only ways we can reward them is with Peach and with us.  So as the fireworks went off, Peach went into the pen to let them nurse and we spent lots of time playing with them. So now they have experienced fireworks and thunderstorms, each of which resulted in wonderful things happening to them.

Lee asking Mr. Brown, "Are you the one?"

Visitors were another fun aspect of the weekend.   The visits started on Friday when Karen Lechner stopped by to say hello.    Then Saturday Sandy Washburn, Lee Clark and Dave Carpenter stopped by and took in a fair dose of puppy breath.   We had the pups outside for a little while, but they were heating up pretty quickly, so we brought them back in.   Just about that time our friend Carol Cassity arrived.   We are the last stop on Carol's summer trip which started in Oklahoma, then went to Wisconsin, upstate New York, then here to Long Island and later this week she heads back to Florida.   She says she's not a puppy person, but we have photos to the contrary!

Carol showing us how much she does not like puppies!

What flavor is this?

The pups met the Avidog Adventure Box and thought it was pretty cool when they noticed it. We introduce this novelty to them at this age because most pups are curious, not fearful, of novel things at this point.  When they bump into a paint ban that bangs on another paint can, they rarely startle, and if they do they come right back at it to see what it was.  

More photos are up on the SmugMug link - enjoy!

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