Saturday, July 11, 2015

More Visitors!

It's been a busy few days.  The pups' area has changed again and their daily living area has been enlarged considerably.  They have been outside playing a lot, listening to all kinds of noises while they are inside (the one of all the kids screaming drives me from the room!) playing in the Adventure Box and visiting with lots and lots of people!   Dianne and Betsy came from PA and NJ on Thursday, and Sandy, her daughter Samantha and grandson Jake came by for a visit on Friday.

Miss Yellow posing for the camera!

Mr. Blue vying for the title of Top Dog!

Dianne playing with Mr. Green

Betsy having a chat with Mr. Brown

Today Jerry from Field Dog Imagery came by for more puppy breath and more photos!    Sue Carpenter gave herself a birthday present and came to visit the puppies today!   She is expecting her own litter next weekend, so is getting an early puppy fix.  We took them down front to check out the hill and the water.   Lots of fun to watch them negotiate going downhill.  By the end they were little pros.  They also were introduced to the water.  They played for over and hour and then crashed!  Here's a couple of minutes of video for you to enjoy.

Lots more photos are up on SmugMug for you to enjoy, too!

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