Thursday, June 25, 2015

Today their ears are open!

We test ears starting around Day 16 with a clap of the hands and look for a startle reaction.  Yesterday we were 0 for we were 5 for 5!   They had their nails done again today and are quite cooperative about it.  Lots of general handling and kisses!

Peach is eating over 3# of food and enjoying every morsel.  She is enjoying her daily runs which keep her very happy and for those of you who have been to an Avidog seminar or taken Your Litter A to Z, you know how important the dam's enrichment is for both her and her puppies!  

New photos are up - remember videos are at the end of the pack.   I checked and there is no way for them to be kept in date order.  


They barely can fit anymore!

Planning an escape this weekend!

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