Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Busy Day ...

... for Lise and me, but another day in the life of the pups.   Wednesday is a busy day around here with teaching schedules, so the pups had an early day being weighed, having temps taken and having their box cleaned.  During the day they were being handled a lot by friends and new toys are put into their box.

Tonight's scent was grass and they were really inhaling it.   I cannot wait to take them outside!!  Being out of the house all day, I have not taken a lot of pictures but here's a video for today's smiles!

Oh and that beeping noise you may be wondering about?   That is the thermometer/clock/timer that I put on the pigrail.  When you switch between modes it beeps.  They keep knocking it off the railing and moving it.   Just in case you were wondering.  

More tomorrow!

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