Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Weekend!

This weekend the pups had more visitors.  On Friday our friends Cindy and Patti came out for the evening. Then on Saturday Lee and Dave were in from PA for a hunt test so  stopped by with our mutual friend Sandy.   Somehow I just knew that Sandy would pick up Mr. Blue first! 
I love to watch young puppies mesmerize their visitors, whether they are here for 20 minutes or 2 hours.   Peach is just amazing with everyone - keeping a close eye on the pups when they are being handled, but is not stressed about it. 

So what have the pups been up to?  The world is opening to them now that their eyes are open.  They are mouthing each other in their short moments of play.  If you were to watch them walk you would think someone spiked Peach's milk.   In a few days their ears will open.

After spending the day with my dad Lise and I came home to weigh the pups and do ESN and ESI.   Today's scent was lily - straight from the garden.  We are thrilled that all the pups are over 3 lbs!

Although I did not take any video, there's lot of new photos up today - enjoy!

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