Tuesday, June 16, 2015

They Are Growing Like Weeds!!

It's just over a week and each puppy in the Light Litter has met our goal of them more than doubling its weight!

Light Litter @ 3 Days
Light Litter @ 9 Days

Their eyes will start to open over the next couple of days, so we have covered the windows to dampen the bright lights on their young eyes.  We won't be using any flash photography over the next couple of days either.

We have added toys appropriate for their age, and they love to snuggle with them.

We started ENS and ESI on Day 3 and so far they have had five scents:  lemon, evergreen, cinnamon, tennis ball, rabbit skin and tonight we will introduce Anise, one of the nosework scents.   Here's a video of them from the other day.  

Stay tuned for more of the Adventure of the Gaylan's Light Litter.  Be sure to check out the photos section on the right for more photos.

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