Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Puppy Walk

How crazy are we? It was freezing yesterday--16 degrees with a gusting wind. Yet, we all bundled up and headed out into the woods with five pups and the dogs. What a great time we had and thankfully, only Corey went swimming! The pups did great and so did the puppy walkers. I was pleased to hear everyone being very quiet rather than constantly calling the pups. We only had one problem when Mr Green broke away from the group and headed for home. But Maggie rounded him up soon enough.

Before we headed out to walk the pups, we had an informal memorial for our friend, Dana Morris. It was so nice to talk about her, tell stories and toast her. I love dogs more than I can describe but it is the people that they have brought into my life that make me rich beyond words. Dana was one of those special people. She would have loved yesterday--good food, good friends, good wine and a day filled with puppies and dogs.

After the Walk, we had a wonderful lunch (boy can this group cook!) and spent the afternoon playing with puppies, talking, trying to put Rosie's puzzle together and watching field videos. It was a very nice way to spend a winter afternoon.

Of course, there is a downside to days like this. Today, I had to wake up to five lively puppies who were looking for another party. "Hey, where are all our friends? Don't we get to do this every day?"

Photos of the Puppy Walk and some stacked shots we took yesterday are up at Enjoy!

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