Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Exciting Changes

So much has happened the last few days. The pups are now eating solid food. They have had breakfast and dinner for the past two days. Each gets a heaping tablespoon of Beef Complete (or whatever their mom has eaten that day). Four of the five are scarfing it down in seconds. Mr Red is a pensive eater, contemplating each mouthful while his littermates and Corey drool impatiently. But all are eating normally and getting the hang of this new adventure. Una will be happy to have the help in the food department although she is enjoying eating 6 pounds of food a day :-).

The pups are also going outside every day or so, depending upon the weather. Today we did our first real walk, during which they had to follow Una down the walkway, across the drive and onto the lawn. They did a great job with only a few detours into the junipers (OUCH!). We spent 20 minutes hanging around outside even though the temperature was in the 40s. Two of the pups followed Una down the hill for a bit but the others just played in the level area. Corey enjoyed hanging out with them. Marilyn and Paul Ingovoldstad visited so the pups got even more hugs. Photos and videos are up at www.simplesite.com/gaylans.

The puppy pen has grown and toys are being rotated in and out each day. Today a beach ball blew into the yard so we plunked it down in the pen. The pups had a great job pushing it around the pen. They've got pointy toys, bouncy toys, soft toys, rolly toys and noisy toys. They are becoming more vocal and trying to convince those on the outside to let them out. We're sure you'll see "Free the Walmer Five" signs on the road soon!

I want to recognize the passing of our dear friend, Dana Morris. Andy and I will be away for the end of this week to pay our respects and to see her family.

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Lisa said...

It is so hard to say goodbye. Let us hope there is a greater calling for those who leave us, and who are so greatly missed. Our animals remind us of how precious life is, indeed.
With love and hope,