Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Catching Up

Wow, I've been away a while. The pups are doing well even if Andy and I have had our challenges. The pups are mostly over 8 pounds and are eating regular food three meals a day. They are also still nursing and Una is being very patient. They get Bravo meat blends with some Dr Harvey's grains mixed in, as well as supplements. Most are eating well although Mr Green is holding out for mom's milk!

We are all going on daily woods walks since the weather is so good. The pups are getting better at following although the going during these early weeks can be a bit slow. But we've gone out for 30 minute walks and had a great time. The pups are clamoring over rocks and logs, carrying leaves and sticks, following them mom and relatives, confusing trees for me (but I don't take offense) and having a wonderful time exploring the world. I don't know how long we can do this but I figure we'll just keep going while the weather holds.

I've also set up the outside play area for them. Today was their first day to explore it. It's got a climbing area, a tunnel, a Buja board, a tire, a ramp and lots of toys. The pups figured out all of it in short order. They went in and out of the dog door, climbed on everything, explored the tunnel, jumped the tire, climbed up the ramp, bounded over the Buja board and ran around with the toys. There will be photos up on their Simple site page shortly.

There is also a connected indoor area that goes into our screened porch. The pups access the outdoor area through the dog door. Inside there is a raised bed, crate, potty area and more toys. (These guys are not lacking for toys!) An hour playing inside and out and they've been much easier to live with tonight :-).

We've started stacking the pups on the table and have introduced them to the gunfire CD. We'll do birds later this week, too. Whew, I'm tired just writing all this.

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Lisa said...

I was so excited to come home from class last night and see new pictures! They are growing like weeds. Busy little weeds, apparently! Their new digs look very fun and challenging.