Friday, January 19, 2007

The New News

Can it really have been a week since I've written? Are you dying for news? It's been a bit busy around here, as you might imagine. How can I catch you up on a week in the lives of the Wine-os?

Let's see, they were introduced to pigeons last week--the boys loved them, the girls wanted a facial instead. They've had tons of visitors--they hit 75 individual visitors this week. They are quite comfortable with all kinds of people. They are up to 30-minute woods walks and they saw their first snow. They loved the snow and are at home in the woods. They are so very good as staying close that I feel like the Pied Piper cruising through the woods with five pups underfoot.

They are 95% on using the litter box. Truly an amazing feat for any litter and well appreciated since it is winter :-). They had their first car ride today and never made a peep the entire time. It was like they'd been traveling in crates in cars for years. I had considered taking headphones along but didn't need them!

They got their first vaccinations and were wonderful throughout the examination. Well, except for the fact that they untied Dr Jim's shoelaces but it was his fault for not wearing slip-on shoes on Puppy Day.

They were introduced to the agility field and did the real tunnel like it was nothing, started up the teeter totter but I poo-pooed that idea, and had a great time going through the tire. They got to play with pigeons again. This time the boys settled down for lunch and the girls thought they were very interesting.

The pups range in size from 11.6 (Red) to 12.6 (Yellow) pounds. That is really big for pups but we are doing our best to slow them down. They are being introduced to all kinds of meats. Today was rabbit (yum!) and yesterday was buffalo (double yum!). They are doing stairs and can go up 5 or more and come down 2 at this point.

I'm going to post some photos of this week, taken by Sue Wieder during her visit. I think I've got some of the pigeon introduction, too. Check theirphoto website shortly.

Tomorrow is the Puppy Walk so I'll do my best to get photos up by early next week.


Lisa said...

Yippee!! New Pictures!! Yup, been checking every day, hoping you'd have a chance to put a few more up. They are getting big, my goodness! Very robust and just beautiful. How about posting a few pictures of Miss Yellow and Miss Pink? Would love to see how they are shaping up. Your comments are a riot. Best wishes, Lisa.
P.S. Doesn't anyone else read and comment? I only see mine posted.

Maggie said...

Hi Lisa - I read the blog but have not commented. Sorry. Yes, the pups are beyond adorable and beautiful. Both girls are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! :) Since I'm getting a boy, I must say they are very handsome as well. :) I saw all of them today at the puppy walk. Mr. Green decided it would be fun to take a mega bite out of my boob while we were snuggling. OUCH!!!

Lots of pictures were taken so I'm sure Gayle will have them up soon. It was a wonderful day (but freezing cold). See you at the test on Friday!!! Safe trip and looking forward to meeting you.