Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Week Of Firsts

So much has happened over this past week.  Most importantly, all the pups are healthy and growing like weeds.    Last Saturday Peach’s dad, Al Lamphere came for a visit and fell in love.  When I asked which one he said, “All of them.”   I think he was shocked at how much time you can spend just watching them.

Al and Miss Red 

If I Just Pull Hard Enough
This first big change this week was that we moved the pups from their box into a pen with 2 potty boxes and lots of toys.  I am happy to report that potty training is at 95% for poop and about 85% for pee!!   It is amazing to watch the pups leave what they are doing and head for the box.   Visitors cannot believe pups this young can learn to use the potty boxes, but they sure can!

We have also added what we call the Adventure Box, since they have lots of adventures tugging on and running through the things attached to it.  

Here is a video of a couple of them playing with it the first day.

Another big first this week came on Tuesday.   Monday night Lise said she thought we might want to start them on solid food.  We decided to wait another day.    Tuesday morning Peach ate her breakfast, went into the box and regurgitated her breakfast for the puppies.   They scoffed it down in no time.   They are good eaters, but still nursing quite a bit.   Many people have asked me if we are feeding them why they still nurse.   We believe they still need the nutrition mother’s milk offers them, and also have found that the dams are quite capable of deciding when to turn off the milk bar.
Some of Saturday's Visitors
This week they also had a few other firsts, like being stacked on the table, playing in another room, and chewing on marrow bones.

Tomorrow Irene, Al’s wife, will be on Long Island and is spending the night with the pups.   We are looking forward to seeing her, but I am sure not as much as she is looking forward to seeing the pups!!

There are lots of photos and videos that have been added over the last couple of days.  Enjoy!


fjoiris said...

LOVE the adventure box!
The puppy we kept from our last litter was not weaned by her mom until she was ten weeks old. She only nursed once or at most twice a day at that point, so it was more of an emotional than a nutritional thing. It was interesting to see how long mom allowed nursing. She was still trying to regurgitate for her when she was fifteen weeks old, I got tired of that and separated them after feeding for a couple weeks to end it :-)

Kathy said...

Why do some breeders insist on weaning the puppies at a certain age? I don't see how that is better, easier or more beneficial.