Saturday, May 5, 2012

Those Moments ...

It has been incredibly busy around here, but yesterday Gayle, Lise and I took some time to  sit in the pen and enjoy the pups.   After a little while Corey was dying to join us, so we let her in.   Mr. Red was in love and spent a long time trying to engage her, climbing on her, jumping up and licking her face.  Corey was really eating it up.   Truly one of those moments that warms your heart.

Thursday night we had quite a thunderstorm.   By the time I got over to the pups Gayle had already been down with them and found all of them were unfazed by the storm.  They did enjoy their unexpected treats, though!

Friday morning Gayle, Lise and I get up early to get the pups fed and then load the Heart litter into the van for an early morning appointment for their first vaccinations, health check and microchip.   We did not take all of the pups on this trip because we know that the Country Music litter pups are still protected through Scoop's immunity.    The pups handled the trip with aplomb and of course won the hearts of everyone in the office.

Their woods walks are getting longer and more challenging and they are doing great.   They have been such a pleasure to take on walks, and Chex has been wonderful with them.    Chex tore a nail and is not allowed to run with the other dogs, so this is her time to play, and although she would rather be running for the whole time, she enjoys what she is allowed to do.   And as you will see in the video, the pups do their best to keep up.   Today they had their first rock wall and they all figured it out.   By the time they got back they were quite happy, dirty and tired!

We have had quite a number of visitors, who have really enjoyed the pups!   We start crate training soon, and I am keeping up with their nails, which is no trivial task.

Each night I go to bed wondering where the day went - lots of work, but so worth it!   I cannot wait for each of the new owners to be able meet the pups in person.  Be forewarned, wear laceless shoes - but no sandals (if you value your toes)!!!   There are some more photos and videos up in Week 7 - enjoy!!

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