Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finally ...

I always feel guilty during the last two weeks of raising pups because it is so hard for me to keep up with the blog, and I know how much everyone enjoys following the pups.   Rather than giving you all the reasons, if you were not here at any time during the last two weeks I will ask you to use your imagination with respect to what it was like around here with 13 8-week-old puppies, doing all the tests and training, as well as having Gayle's family in for her brother's wedding, her other brother's 50th birthday party and her mom's visiting for those events as well as her late husband's 60th reunion from West Point.  Let's just say there was never a dull moment!

Despite all the work, Gayle, Lise and I are proud to introduce 13 new members of the Gaylan's family!   So without further adieu, introducing the Country Music and Heart owners:     

The Country Music Litter (Goose x Scoop) 

Joyce and Caper
Gaylan's You Had Me From Hello - "Caper," born Miss Purple, is in California with Joyce and Paul Davis. Joyce and Caper will be doing field and obedience.

Chris, Hobby and Samra
Gaylan's Time Well Wasted - "Hobby", born Mr Red, is in Maryland with Dr. Chris Zink and Samra Zelman to do field, agility, obedience and tracking.

Sionag and Jive
Gaylan's Dancing Away With My Heart - "Jive", aka Mr Brown, is living in Wisconsin with Sionag (Sheena) Black and will be doing field, agility and perhaps more.

Phyllis, Ace, Rookie and Phil
Gaylan's New Kid in Town - "Rookie," formerly Mr Blue, went to Long Island with Phyllis and Phil Covino and Gambling Ace.  They will be doing field, agility and obedience.

Suzanne and Tui
Gaylan's Almost Like a Song - "Tui," born Mr Yellow, flew to Washington state with Suzanne Bolwell to do field, obedience and perhaps more.

Mary, Jag and Brian
Gaylan Jagger's Far Away Eyes - "Jag," formely Mr Green, stayed relatively nearby in Connecticut with Mary Cotter and Brian Patenaude.  They'll be focusing on agility but may also do some other sports.

The Heart Litter (Striker x Chex)

Phoebe and Kindle
Gaylan's Hearts Afire - "Kindle," aka Miss Black, stayed nearby in New Jersey with Phoebe Teramoto, Gambling Bette and Diva.  They will be doing agility, field, and perhaps more.

Nina, Olive and Mike
Gaylan's Heart and Soul -  "Olive," born Miss Olive, also stayed nearby in New York with Drs. Nina Shoulberg and Michael Schilsky.  They'll be doing agility and perhaps some other sports.

Todd, Molly and Alison
Gaylan's Groove Is In The Heart - "Molly," aka Miss Plum, moved to Pennsylvania with Alison and Todd Krisak to get started in dog sports.

Joe, Vicki and Keeva
Gaylan's Caoimhe of My Heart - "Keeva," formerly Miss Rainbow, headed to North Carolina with Vicki and Joe Dury to also get started in dog sports.

Mary, Trek and Steven
Gaylan's Heart of the Journey - "Trek," formerly Mr Cream, headed to Long Island with Steven Paulich.  They are going to do some hunting together, as well as compete in hunt tests and agility.

Melissa and Scout
Gaylan's Clear Eyes Full Heart - "Scout," born Miss Pink, is off to Virginia with Melissa Landriau to do agility.

"Grandpa" John and Jade
Gaylan's Stolen My Heart - "Jade," aka Mr Teal, flew to Oklahoma where he will meet up with his new owner, Emily Russell who will eventually take him back to Colorado while she finishes up school.  They will be doing agility, obedience and more.

Congratulations, everyone!   I know we all look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things you and your new partners are going to do in all the dog sport venues!   

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Great pictures... happy folks.