Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Waiting is the worst, I know!

It's the morning after the temperament test and I know there are nine folks out there dying to hear the results. Alas, I'm going to make you wait a little bit longer since eye exams are this afternoon. That will be the last piece of information we need to start deciding which pups go where.

However, I'll share with you some results from yesterday. First, the pups across the board did great on the temperament test. They were confident, stable babies who actually returned with retrieve objects :-O! That is unusual for Gaylan's pups. I always say that we can teach a dog to come back much easier than you can teach a dog to love to go out. We have come to call the more typical Gaylan's puppy, the one that races out, grabs the item and races away, as a triever rather than a retreiver :-). Well, this crew was fabulous--out and back, out and back. I got tired of writing that after a while :-).

I do want to publicly thank my helpers for the test. Marcy Burke was our tester, despite a sore back. As always, she was fabulous! Lise Pratt was the videographer, making sure everything was captured on video. Buyers will receive a copy of the video with their Pat McKinney was wonderful hauling puppies and equipment. Pat Swallows made sure Marcy had everything she needed at the right moment. Stephanie Schmitter, her friend, Marie, and Brass's owner, Jack Belicka were also here. I couldn't have made it through the day without everyone. Thank you!!!

My mom has just arrived so I have to cut this short. More tomorrow.



JCCamp said...


Thanks so much for the continuing updates. And the photos, of course. But the updates answer questions and keep us informed.

See you soon. We're boarding the old girl and bringing the GSD. I'll send a better ETA when we're certain of where we're stopping, etc.


Coreena, Eva and Charlie said...

Hello, my name is Coreena and I am a puppy raiser of assistance dogs and a proud owner of a golden retriever who is 14 months old. Her name is Eva and we recieved her a year ago as a puppy in training. She, unfortunately, has kindey failure so is our loving pet now until she chooses it's time to go. I love your site and blog and little Peggy Sue just touches my heart! Keep up the amazing work of breeding healthy, wonderful goldens to love their people!

Gaylan's Golden Retrievers said...

Coreena, I'm so sorry to read about Eva. They do teach us acceptance and to live every day. All the best with her and keep up the good works with assistance dogs!