Friday, December 11, 2009

The finished not puppies!

I thought everyone would enjoy seeing the finished portraits of the pups and Skye. Yes, we really did get all (or almost all) the pups in the photo at one time. No, we didn't have to photoshop them in. Yes, we were really tired by the end. No, it didn't take all day, just a few hours. Yes, Skye and the pups were amazing!

The hunting set was particularly fun because I put Flyer's portrait in the photo (that's her on the left behind the pups). Flyer is the pups' great-great granddam so it was fun to have her with them. You can see the pups peeking out around the boots--they did that themselves. We do however, only have nine pups in that photo but we never could figure out who was missing so we went with it. By the time we realized it, the pups were too tired to pose again.

Copies of both portraits, framed and unframed, are available for purchase. You can do so before you come to get your pup or you can check them out while they are here to get your baby. The photographer is Barry Rosen (, another golden person, and he does great work. He also has the patience of a saint, as you can imagine.

Off to feed the crew! We are going through nearly 20 pounds of food a day at the moment so there is a lot of thawing, preparing and feeding happening in this house.




Linda said...

I can hardly believe my eyes. Beautiful!

Stephanie said...

I see 10 pups in the hunting photo. One is peeking out next to Skye's leg.


Deb said...

Absolutely fantastic portraits! And I count 10 pups in each photo, too! Really, I think you paid that puppy to peek between the boots!

Jennie said...

OK, I thought I was the only one counting 10 pups in both photos. I can't believe you got these photos - they are simply amazing!

Carrie said...

Oh wow!! What great portraits!