Thursday, February 13, 2014

So Much To Do And So Little Time!

The Time litter continues to thrive despite the horrendous weather we have been having in New York!  The puppies were oblivious to the foot of snow that fell today as they continue to play, climb, fight, bite and run while learning in their pen!  They try to convince us that there is NOTHING to do when they scream at the top of their lungs!  I have never raised a winter litter before and it sure has its challenges. We are used to walking a litter of puppies this age every day for about an hour.  With no way to take them on walks we keep them busy and present them with learning opportunities by giving them as many experiences as possible.  

Mary giving one of the visitors a puppy to hold
The first trip they had was when my friend Mary Paulich and I took them to the south shore of Long Island where they were holding a Special Needs Fair.  There were hundreds of  people there, many with special needs!  The puppies were a hit!  People had to wait on line to get in to hold one of the puppies.   The puppies had a quiet night after their big outing and then were ready for their many visitors over the next few days!   

Their next outing was last Thursday when we took the litter to my friend Judy's barn.  

Judy enjoying one of the Time pups!

The barn is heated and safe for the puppies.  They entered cautiously and explored the area.  Within a few minutes they were quite comfortable running and playing in the aisle.   The puppies got to meet lots of men who took a break from their work to play with and love them up.  We even got to practice recalls in the aisle!

Puppies playing in the aisle
Mr. Green exploring

They particularly liked to run in and out of the stall filled with hay and shavings!    What a wonderful experience this was for them!  Thank you, Judy!!!    It's so exciting to observe the puppies as they learn about the world!!!  

The next blog will tell you all about our move to Cold Spring, NY,  Does anyone remember The Beverly Hillbillies?  That will give you an idea of what the trip looked like!

In the meantime, enjoy the latest photos and videos.

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