Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Auntie Deb finally arrives!

This is Deb Abbott, happily writing as a guest blogger!

I arrived in NY on Saturday to spend the week in New York with the Time litter and then will take Page back home so we can get back to training!    I know how much work it is to raise these puppies, but getting a first-hand look has been fun – and exhausting! 

Deb Abbott meeting Page's puppies for the first time

Lots had happened, but let me tell you about our day yesterday - it was a busy one.  In the morning, they were introduced to birds. Levi and Page gave the puppies great genes, they knew exactly what to do with the birds.    After rearranging and cleaning the puppy pen (a huge task) and taking them for a walk, the puppies slept (ahhh, peace!). 

After napping and on a second walk, they all bravely climbed the mountains of snow here in New York.    Mr. Yellow climbed up the snowy plateau, the snow is at hip level,  and ran towards a large branch that was sticking up out of the ground. After trying to pull it out of the snow, he broke off a small piece and proudly brought it back to show us.

Hard work getting through the snow - but FUN!!!

After lunch, the agenda called for a ride to Connecticut for their eyes appointments. For this appointment, I learned what a great thing it is for the puppies to be trained to a litter box! Lise has this down to a science: The litter box is slid into a garbage bag and toys plopped on top of it. The box goes into the room with the puppies. We put drops in all the puppies’ eyes.  Then one person plays with the puppies as the other person works with the tech to put the puppies on the table while their eyes are examined by the veterinarian. All eyes looked good, so it was back in the van for the trip home.
Arriving at Dr. Stuhr's office

The early evening was time for crate training. And of course lots of planning and preparation go into this lesson, just like everything else they learn and experience.  In their third session Lise and I trained them for 10 minutes teaching them to be quiet in the crate. Not an easy lesson, but a really important one - and they did really well!!!  

Mr. Green and Mr. Blue stopped their play for a photo

Finally, it was time for a rest before dinner. After they ate dinner, Devon, Spring and I said good night to leave them to their nighttime play. We needed to go home and rest before another fun day! Raising puppies is exhausting for everyone!

Somebody is exhausted!!

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