Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The lights are turning on!

Tonight was one of those exciting moments in the lives of each litter where I could see the pups really responding to the world around them. Though a simple act, about half of them woke up when I turned the lights on tonight. That means that their eyes are beginning to function and soon they will be toddling around the box. They still won't hear for another 5-6 days but they are growing up for sure.

Puppies this age always remind me of Mr Magoo, though I'm sure I'm dating myself with the analogy. Like the cartoon character, young puppies are nearsighted for many weeks as their eyes continue to develop. This leads to some pretty funny situations. For example, for quite a while during woods walks, they mistake trees for us. You know, big and tall, relativley speaking. So they present themselves to a tree and then get very confused when they've realized what they have done.

Their developing eyes explain why many young, talented pups are thought to be bad retrievers. What really happened was the retrieve object went out of their sight, even though it was thrown only 5 feet or so. You'll see me typically rolling retrieve toys so the pup has a better chance of following it's movement.

Things have quieted down so I'm going to do the Biosensor exercises and videotape them smelling their first chukar partridge. So, stay tuned and I'll post some additional video and photos later tonight.

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