Thursday, February 2, 2012

Breeding Challenges

Each day, we post darling photos and videos of our pregnant dams, the handsome sires and their beautiful pups but behind those images is the reality of breeding. You read a bit about one of those realities when Miss Rainbow died. Tonight, I'm going to tell you more, probably because I'm incredibly tired after ten days with minimal sleep.

Most litters go smoothly, with easy breedings, pregnancies and whelpings. Dreamer's has not followed that pattern and although an outlier, it is our existence at the moment. Last night, I feared that Dreamer had developed a uterine infection. To be totally gross, there was a smell in the nursery that I knew shouldn't be there. Her discharge, something that all dams experience, had changed to a color and consistency that I didn't like. So tonight, I took her in to my fabulous vet, Dr Jim Zgoda at Otterkill Animal Hospital for a check up. Ultrasound confirmed that there was fluid in the uterus that shouldn't be there but it had not become the dreaded pyometra.

However, treatment for mild infections is not easy on the dog but the alternatives are either let it progress or spay Dreamer in the next few days. So, tonight we start prostaglandin treatments. HOpefully Dreamer will come through without problem but I suspect we won't be getting much sleep tonight.

Wish us well tonight and send Dreamer positive thoughts that she won't be too uncomfortable for the next three days.

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