Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whew, it is H-O-T!

It took summer a long time to get here this year but it has arrived with a vengeance. We are having another 90+ degree day and the pups are hot! Looks like the next few days will be the same so we are settling into a South American routine. Get up early. Do all we can till it gets hot. Snooze until evening. Then rock and roll till quite late.

This morning, we walked the pups down to the stream, Clove Brook. It was their first introduction to swimming water. They all waded and three boys--Green, Blue and Red--went for a real swim. We then walked through the marsh and the pups got to play in the mud. That is such a favorite for all of our litters that we always do it, even if it means clean up afterwards. When we got back, we decided to snap their 6-week photos even though they were wet and dirty. Most importantly, they were tired so we could stack them easily :-). Stacked photos and swimming videos are up under 7 Weeks.

The pups have had quite a few visitors this week. Most fun was our neighbor Laura and her friends Ann and Raven. Laura is sponsoring Raven for a few weeks through the Fresh Air Fund. When Raven walked in the door, she was afraid of big dogs. When she walked out, she had played with all the pups, teaching Mr Green to "swim" in the pups' pool and giving Miss Sienna belly rubs. It was a pleasure to meet such a lovely young lady and introduce her to our dogs.

The pups had to say goodbye to my mom this morning. She has been a huge help with the pups since before the Reunion. I had a very demanding work week this past week and she carried on through that, giving me lots of comfort that the pups were being cared for when I was off working.

Lots of photos and videos are posted. Enjoy!

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