Monday, August 3, 2009

Holy Cow!

I've been remarking to visitors how good the 4th of July litter has been--quiet and sweet. Hah! They were just faking me out. They turned into little hellions this morning. Howling, hanging onto the x-pen begging to get out, screaming when their mom walked by. Whew! I was exhausted by 8 AM!

Naturally, they did this the first morning my mother was here. Mom is here to take care of the pups while the other dogs and I are at the Gaylan's Reunion and Field Seminar in MD this weekend. Before she arrived, I'd told her not to worry, the pups were easy. I should never have said that!

There is good news. The pups are terrific at using the litter box, probably hitting it 90% of the time when they are in the puppy pen. They aren't so good when they are out loose but that will come. They are taking all of the new experiences we offer in stride. Although we've done things like vacuum around them since they were born but as their senses become more developed, these experiences are new again and again. They are inquisitive about everything and bravely find their way in and out of every spot in the dining room and kitchen. (Check out the photo of Miss Sienna in the toy/dog bed stack. She got herself in and back out again.)

Send energetic thoughts are way as we start into the active phase of these pups' time with us. I think we are going to need it!

More photos and video are uploaded. Let us know which is your favorite--"Like this."

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