Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can It Be A Week Already?

It is hard to believe that the Max pups will be a week old tomorrow.   They are growing so quickly, almost doubling their weight in just a week.    Peach continues to be a wonderful mother.  She spends most of her time in the box with them, but also enjoys some time out with the other dogs and with us.  

It's A Stretch!
A day or so ago Peach started sitting up for them to nurse.   How she knows it is time is beyond me - but they respond at first struggling to reach her and now have no problem at all.   The pups are starting to walk a few steps - they look like drunken sailors!

My husband Jim gave me a new lens for Christmas.   It has really helped my photography - that along with some advice from my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Chris Zink.     

New photos and video are up in the Week One folder.  Enjoy!

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