Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Week Old

Well, the Southerners are a week old and growing by leaps and bounds. Their lives are filled with sleeping and eating, with the occasional disruption from me--trimming toenails, doing Biosensor, giving them really cool things to sniff, and putting them in that cold pan. Oh, and their mom cleans them all the time. Now even their doggie aunties are in the cleaning mode, too, so these pups are spotless. Dreamer was allowed in the whelping box yesterday and she was beside herself with excitement. Thus far, she has avoided stepping on a puppy but she definitely keeps Skye on her toes.

The pups are having more and more visitors. Today it was Auntie Sue who came for a nice visit with lots of hugs and kisses. While she was here, we changed collars since they'd grown so much since last week.

New photos and a video are up. Their eyes open this week so we'll be stopping flash photography for a few days. We'll try to get some photos in the dark though.



Sue W. said...

It was a fun visit and yes I favorite!!! I can't believe they needed new collars already...they're growing fast and eating very well! Skye is so sweet and good momma! Looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Auntie Sue!

Sue W. said...

ooops..meant to say I have a favorite!!!

JCCamp said...

Boy, I love those photos and videos. BTW, is photo #6 of week 2 the puppy Peggy? We have been trying to spot her in the pack.

Sue W. said...

Gayle can verify this but I believe you are correct. Photo #6 is Ms. Rainbow....Peggy Sue. There are some other cute shots of her snuggled with Skye.

Gaylan's Golden Retrievers said...

Yes, Photo 6 is Peggy Sue. You can see her shorter front leg on the left.