Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Three Weeks Old!

The Dream pups are three weeks old and as you can see, growing by leaps and bounds. Miss Raspberry is now over 3 pounds and Mr Black is just about there. (You can see from the photo above that he doesn't have trouble relaxing :-).) The pups can hear and see relatively well and are up on all four though still pretty wobbly. They sleep 70% of the time and eat 25% of the time so playtime is limited. However, they are starting to interact with toys and each other. People are still big blobs that they can't quite focus on but they are respoding to voices and hands. We'll start their litter box training later this week, once they are more stable on their feet. Corey is keeping up with clean up at the moment so there isn't a rush. They'll move downstairs when they are ready to handle the sights and sounds of family life. They've already met the other dogs, especially Una who has snuck in the box a few times. Una is in a false pregnancy so is pining for puppies. When Corey goes outside, Una will sneak in to nose the puppies. She isn't up for nursing though she certainly has milk. Here is a short video of Miss Raspberry playing with Corey while Mr Black graps some lunch.

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